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Reduce Debt by 75%

Spiralling into financial debt? Collection agencies harassing you at home and at work? We can help! Stop worrying and live debt free. Control your debt before it controls you. Talk to a Qualified Insolvency Counsellor today.

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Secure Your Life

It is time to take action! It is never too late to control your debt again. There are ways to manage your debt without declaring bankruptcy. Financial & Debt Solutions is your partner in helping you get your life back.

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Financial Assessment

You may not know that you are about to go into a downward spiral in managing your debt. Take our free, easy 9-point self-assessment tool and find out if you are in danger of losing control of your debt.

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FREE Consultation

You may be noticing some warning signs that you are struggling with your finances. Talk to one of our qualified insolvency  counsellors today and find out how you can again be in control of your finances.

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Hope is only a call away – talk to one of our qualified insolvency counsellors & secure your life.

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  • I felt horrible and depressed with all the holiday debt I had, but talking to FDS helped me not only control my debt but also have a better handle of my finances.
    Maria B.
  • I was being harassed every night - coming home from work, only to get calls from creditors. FDS helped me stop these calls, and pay off my debt.
    Mike J.
  • Thank God I didn't have to declare bankruptcy. FDS counsellors saved my credit ratings.
    Samantha D.
  • I gave a sigh of relief after talking to Financial & Debt Solutions. I don't know why I didn't talk to them sooner but I am glad I did!
    Tony S.